4 ways to ensure companies return to your campus for recruitment

Campus recruitments are about selling yourself to reputed companies. You need to strongly showcase, what is unique about YOUR talent pool.

The majority of your campus placements are driven by companies that visited your campus in the past. They were happy, due to:

  • Overall recruitment experience – including student quality and number of hires
  • On the job performance of recruited candidates

However, against the massive competition, the chances of a company not coming back are high. Especially, if they are not nurtured- they’ll choose another campus, over yours.

Average reduction in companies visiting campuses

The following steps will help you ensure that companies return to your campus for recruitment every time. 

1. Make them feel welcome

Hospitality is something that no college should compromise on. If not treated well, recruitment teams take a negative impression back, never to return again. To ensure that the team is felt welcome, the investment in these steps will more than pay off:

a) Make appropriate travel arrangements for them and ensure timely pick up and drop. Help them plan their schedule, with some buffer time, to compensate for any unforeseen delays.

b) Senior level faculty, preferably Head of Placements/Director level people, should be available to receive the recruiters on their arrival at campus. This should be for EVERY recruiter – a new recruiter this year may hire more, than a known recruiter.

c) Provide them with proper refreshments. Taking their meal preferences & any dietary constraints in advance will go long way in creating a good impression!

d) Assign a couple of student volunteers to them, from the outset. Make them feel important; never tell them “You can’t come on such a day, other recruiters are here”. Instead, you can say that the students have exams, etc.


how to make companies feel welcomed during campus recruitment

2. Conduct a mandatory placement-prep session

One major reason that companies don’t return, is the quality of the applicants. Remember – your students are competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of other B School students. They have to stand out. The quality of applicants is not solely judged by their subject knowledge but also their overall attitude.

To enhance the quality of their applicants, colleges must ensure that the students:

a) Well dress in formals

b) Know how to address the interview panel

c) Have a basic idea of the company and the industry

d) Are aware of major headline items like the budget, major business happenings, key industry insights etc.

Such placement prep sessions need to be conducted every week or so, during placements – covering the companies visiting, what the roles mean, and key business headlines with their implications. A well-informed pool of candidates can ensure companies return to your campus for recruitment.  

3. Reduce pre-joining dropouts

Recruitment campaigns are high expenditure activities for companies. Costs increase exponentially if the new recruits don’t join- and your campus earns a really bad reputation. If there are dropouts from your campus, companies will not come back.

average number of pre-joining dropouts

If you tell your recruiters “We will ensure that the students get a pre-joining induction course. We want them to show you their quality, as soon as they join” – this will create a fantastic impression!

Pre-joining courses are a great way to ensure this. You could either offer them independently or in collaboration with the company itself. It will help you out in two ways:

a) Mandatory pre-joining courses will have the students be heavily invested in it. Keeping them engaged this way will ensure that they don’t actively pursue other options. Plus, it will also help them understand their role better.

b) The course would help the company save costs on training the new recruits. If you’re able to help a company cut their costs, they are bound to return to your campus. They might even put out a good word to other group companies.

A great investment indeed.

how to reduce pre-joining dropouts from campus recruitment

4. Keep in touch with the Alumni

Once your students join the company, make sure to keep in touch with them. As your alumni gain seniority, they can be the driving force that’ll have companies return to your campus for recruitment.

While maintaining contact with your alumni, keep track of other campuses they might be going to. Enquire about things other colleges do differently that the company or team prefers.

 Your alumni are key to improving your relationship with companies. A dedicated student Alumni Affairs committee is well worth setting up. Ensure they start building a database, with say a monthly newsletter.


how to ensure companies return to your campus for recruitment

Following these steps would do most of the job for you. A good impression will guarantee that companies return to your campus for recruitment the next year. This won’t just help you reduce your efforts drastically but also promise a brighter future for your students.

4 ways to ensure companies return to your campus for recruitment

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