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Before we actually get into this list of actions that an Engineer must take to become an Investment Banker, there is a crucial question that you should answer:

“Why do I want to become an Investment Banker?”

If your answer is “Lots of money” “Sounds really great!”, thanks to the way Investment Bankers are portrayed in movies?

Sorry, but your motives are a bit skewed. Because, the road ahead as an Investment Banker is not a bed of roses.

For starters, you are looking at a 90-100 hour per week, always on, never off. Add to it, tremendous stress, and job losses at the first sign of a downturn.

On the brighter side, you have a high paying job, opportunity to interact and work with some of the brightest minds and companies on the globe, a high learning curve and the financial freedom of retiring early or starting a venture of your own.

So, are you sure about this? If the answer is “YES, this is what I wanted to do all my life!”, scroll ahead.

1. A Strong Foundation:

how can an engineer become an investment banker

As an Engineer, you FIRST need to start with a strong foundation in the basics of Banking and Finance. This is a must have. The best way to get this, is take a good course – preferably online – which gives you a great overview of the fundamentals. You can explore FLIP’s Banking and Finance Fundamentals course, here. The certification won’t hurt on your CV, either!

2. Finance Degree OR Experience:

actions that an Engineer must take to become an Investment Banker

An MBA in Finance is considered the first step for anyone aspiring a career in Investment Banking. Remember: the application to openings ratio for freshers, is something like 5000: 1. So, ONLY a premier name works here. A T2 MBA isn’t worth it.

Else, get relevant work experience. Global I Banks outsource their research and analysis to KPOs, that are either their own subsidiaries or complete third parties.

For instance, banks like Deutsche, J P Morgan and Barclays have their own KPO units based in India.  Independent KPOs are Copal Amba, E-Valueserve, etc.

These KPOs hire engineers every year as analysts – a couple of years of experience in such roles can help get into an I-Bank. If you opt for an MBA after this, even better.

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