finance fundamentals for beginners - top 5 ways to do it

Finance is a dry and complex subject and learning finance fundamentals for beginners can be daunting. However, that is not entirely true.

Today there are plenty of resources available both online and offline that aim to make the subject more engaging and easy to absorb.

Firstly, you should have a clear understanding of what finance is all about! Once you’re clear with that, you can use the five great resources given below to step into this aspirational field.

1. Read a Book – Finance for Non-Financial Managers | CNN Money Essentials

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This book, written by Gene Siciliano, is a great read for people new to the field of finance. The author leverages examples, anecdotes, and some humor to keep the user interested.

The book touches on finance fundamentals for beginners and is perfect to start with. It is not as detailed but does help you master the basics.

CNN Money Essentials

The CNN Money Essentials is an online book that covers both general and personal finance fundamentals for beginners. It covers topics including finance basics, retirement planning, investing, tax-saving etc.

The eBook is organized in different sections with respective topics listed under them. Users can read the ones they might be interested in and skip the others as per their convenience.

Top 5 ways to learn finance fundamentals for beginners - Books

You can purchase the Finance for Non-Financial Managers book here.

You can access the CNN Money Essentials eBook here.

2. Download an App – Learn: Learn Finance

If you find it difficult to get off your phone, why not use it for your benefit? The Learn Finance app can help you become well versed with basic finance concepts. It also keeps you up-to-date with a personalized finance news feed.

Apart from the basic content, the app also has content about finance certifications for different professions, guides to earning a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in finance, online finance courses, etc. 

Top 5 ways to learn finance fundamentals for beginners - Mobile App

The app, however, is only available on Android for now. You can download it here: Finance: Learn Finance

If it’s not just about recreational learning and you want to have a strong foundation in Finance, then:

3. Do an online Certification Course – Finance and Banking Fundamentals

The finance and banking fundamentals course, offered by FLIP, is widely popular and taken up by thousands of MBA students who come from a non-finance/engineering background. The course helps finance career aspirants build a solid foundation and move to any specialization that might interest them.

The coverage includes critical finance concepts, how financial markets work, and a detailed overview of the banking business. Also, enriched with live exercises and examples making the content easy to absorb and understand.

Post-training completion, you can take up the certification exam and earn an industry-recognized certification to enhance the value of your CV.

Top 5 ways to learn finance fundamentals for beginners - Online finance courses

You can view more details here: Finance and Banking Fundamentals course for beginners

4. Follow an online editorial – ET Editorials | Business Standard Opinion-Editorial

Economic Times Editorial

The Economic Times Editorial section is where the opinions of the public are published. The posts are small and easy to understand. 

These posts allow readers to better understand the fundamentals of finance and their applications in real life scenarios.

Business Standard Opinion-Editorial

Similar to the ET Editorial, the Business Standard Editorial section also comprises comments and articles sent by the public.

To read the complete stories, however, you will have to purchase a subscription. But these are not very heavy on the pocket.

Top 5 ways to learn finance fundamentals for beginners - Online editorials

You can subscribe to The Economic Times editorial here

You can subscribe to the Business Standard Opinion Editorial here.

5. Engage in online forums – Wall Street Oasis | E-Investing

Wall Street Oasis

Teaching is the most fruitful way of learning. While you can’t go ahead and start teaching the basics to people, you definitely can discuss them. The Wall Street Oasis forum is a great platform for finance aspirants to discuss everything related to finance with a like-minded community.

 The forum has many communities including investment banking, corporate finance, asset management etc. You can participate in the forum discussions after registering. The communities are very active with a plethora of experts answering questions and giving suggestions.


E-investing is an Indian finance forum that primarily caters to investing. The topics of the forum range from different commodities for investing to personal finance.

With the fundamental knowledge of investing and banking, you can participate in the discussions. E-Investing also has a very active community with a number of experts ready to guide you.

Top 5 ways to learn finance fundamentals for beginners - Online forums

You can register for the Wall Street Oasis forum here.

You can register for the E-Investing forum here.


top 5 ways to learn finance fundamentals for beginners

The above resources make learning finance fundamentals for beginners and starting a lucrative career in finance effortless.

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Finance fundamentals for beginners – Top 5 ways to learn it!

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