Prepare for an MBA interview

Done with CAT? Aced the test. Well, congratulations.

Now you must be waiting on the date for your group discussion and personal interview. 

If you’re just waiting, well then you’re just missing the whole point! Acing the written test is only the beginning.

Your CV, Group discussions and Personal interviews are the REAL MATCH WINNERS. Only a minority ~ 30% – of those called for the process, make it through the college.

Unfortunately, not many MBA aspirants realize this fact – until they get rejected at one..then two.. or more,  of their dream B-Schools – and then realise, with panic, that their dreams are slipping away..and it’s too late! All because of lack of preparation for the  interview.

This is often the case, even with students having good written test scores.

Preparing for an interview, is not just thinking of the typical generic questions, which do get asked. There are many credible sources online that give you the most popular MBA interview questions – right from Tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in x years to Which specialization you are looking at taking up. We don’t want to bore you with the same details again.

Instead, we will talk about the other crucial aspect of MBA admissions – Your CV.

Your CV can give you the command to steer your MBA interview in the direction you intend it to. Let’s see how.

1. Highlight your Managerial acumen

Prepare for MBA admission interview

Needless to say, the panel is looking for managerial genes while they judge your candidacy. List out all the instances your have held positions of responsibility in your professional journey. From being a part of the college festival to heading a college literature club, list them.

Be specific about your achievements as a part of these roles and highlight any significant contribution you’ve made. Significant co or extracurriculars, matter, too!

If you’ve made a mark at a District, State or National level in any field of arts or sports, that should be highlighted. It shows that you’re an overall achiever.

2. Showcase Goals and Initiative

prepare resume for mba admission interview

Many of us don’t have impressive achievements. Then what? A great way to make up or add to this, is to showcase a preparatory certification on your CV. When the question of specialization comes up and you state your preference – the panel is right away looking for indicators on your CV, to show that you are you have at least thought of your goals. For instance, if you say Finance is your intended specialization or area of interest, you either need to have few years relevant experience or a powerful finance certification, right?

A popular choice is FLIP’s Finance & Banking Fundamentals online certification program. It shows your initiative, and gives you a solid foundation in key finance concepts, financial markets and banking business; ideal for candidates aspiring for an MBA in Finance

You can check FLIP’s industry endorsed certifications in Banking and Financial Services here.

Similarly, if the preference is Marketing, a relevant certification – such as Google Adwords will help your case.

Remember – don’t box yourself in by saying this will be your specialization. You can say, “this is what interests me. I’m learning more about it, so I can make an informed choice.”

3. The hobbies!

Hobbies to add in CV

Many times candidates list out ‘Watching Movie’s & ‘Listening to Music’ or even – seriously – ‘surfing Social Media’  as a hobby! These are ‘time passes’, not something you should have on a professional CV!

Hobbies show your depth and passion – Interviewers respect people who have the indepth knowledge that comes, from having an absorbing hobby, over the years.

You can also highlight,

(a) Books that you’ve read and inspired you

(b) Any volunteering work you’ve undertaken  – this should be something you’ve genuinely been involved in.

Well, we hope this helps – and remember, interviews are just a couple of months away. Once you’ve cracked a good B school, then you can party!

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Get ready for the MBA admission interview!

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