How job oriented courses after MBA affect your career search

Whether to take up courses or not has always been a debate. An argument that often comes up is, “Why take up a certification course when you have a full-time degree?” In this post, we will acknowledge this question head-on and see how job oriented courses after MBA can be beneficial.

Do you know how many MBA students actually get placed after graduation?

Percentage of MBA students that get placed after MBA

Where does it all go wrong?

The Wheebox Survey reports that the employability of freshers in India is really low. Majority of the students lack the skills required to take up a job after their course ends.

The report also states that it’s crucial for employers and education providers to work together and provide students with the working knowledge needed to succeed. However, there is little clarity among them too regarding the practices that would work.

While the issue is serious, the solution is not as laborious. Taking up job oriented courses after MBA have been known to fill up these gaps.

How do job oriented courses after MBA benefit you?

Although good certification courses have a lot of benefits, the ones that matter the most for MBA students are as follows:

Job oriented courses after MBA give you the required skills

An obvious benefit. Most certification courses include comprehensive training programs. These programs are enriched with live exercises and practical content.

The content is usually designed to provide you with a first-hand experience of your job. Possessing such working knowledge makes you an incredibly valuable applicant.

However, it is important for you to take up a reputed course with the right training modules. 

job oriented courses after MBA help grab recruiter attention

Recruiters give only 6 seconds to each resume.

 Why is this important for you? Well, because you have only 6 seconds to grab their attention and have them spend more time on your CV.

If you take up a few industry-recognized job oriented courses after MBA, you are bound to get that attention.

Certifications establish you as a continuous learner that is admired by everyone. They also showcase your level of knowledge and indicate that you’re the right fit for the job. For more tips to strengthen your CV and catch the recruiter’s attention, you can refer to this article here: How to add value to your CV beyond a summer internship.

Job oriented courses after MBA help crack interviews

As mentioned earlier, job oriented courses after MBA will give you the practical skills required for a job.However, that’s not just it.

The insights you gain from the course also allow you to give practical solutions to problems they may ask during interviews.

Apart from that, it would also give your interview a definite direction. Most interviewers create questions based on your CV. Since the course will have their attention, your interview will consist of a lot of questions related to it. You could prepare for all possible questions well in advance.

So what are some of the best job oriented courses that you can take up to improve enhance your career prospects? The list is as follows:

Job oriented courses after MBA HR:

i) TMI Talent Management practitioner certificate program
iii) SAP HR Certification
iv) Society for Human Resource Management Certifications

Job oriented courses after MBA Marketing:

i) Inbound marketing from Hubspot
ii) ISB Certificate program in Business Analytics
iii) MICA Post Graduate in Market Research and Data Analytics
iv) Certified marketing management professional (IIMP)

Job oriented courses after MBA Finance:

i) FLIP Certifications
ii) Financial Risk Manager certification
iii) Certified Financial Analyst
iv) SAP S/4 HANA


Benefits of job oriented courses after MBA
How job oriented courses after MBA affect your career search?

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