The placement season in MBA is a tough
grind. Everyone is trying to score that perfect job that they have been working
for so relentlessly.

So how do you gain an edge over others during this period? How do you go about cracking aspirational finance roles in MBA placements?

Well, to help you answer that, we interviewed, Jalaj Thakur.

How to crack an aspirational role in finance by jalaj thakur

Let’s take a look at his journey to gain some insights into how he got where he is now.

Q) Could you give us a brief about your
internship experience?

A) I was interning with YES Bank in their Liabilities Product Management division. I was tasked with promoting customer engagement strategies for current account holders. It was a marketing internship.

Q) So after interning in a marketing
domain, why did you choose finance as your specialization?

how to choose your specialization in MBA

But finance itself is a broad category and I couldn’t be choosy about a specific vertical also initially. I focused on developing a strong foundation in finance at first.

After a year, my base was strong and my interest was clear to me. At that point, I even had a better idea of all the verticals of finance and the most aspirational finance roles I could pursue.

Q) Do you think it would be better for students to be clear about their specialization before joining MBA?

A) Most B-Schoolers are engineers and have no idea what each field entails. So it’s better for them to get a hang of all the subjects first and then define their field of interest. But if you can self-study and be sure of what you want from the start, that’s great too.

how to choose your specialization in MBA

Q) Coming to the placement season, when
did you start preparing for it and how was your experience?

A) The first thing I want to point out is that preparing for your final placements is more of a process that starts from the beginning of MBA rather than the tail-end of the placement season.

I did the following to prepare for my placements which really helped me a lot.

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