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Done with your IBPS mains; now preparing for Bank PO interview?
Be it the IBPS PO interview or the SBI PO interview, these 15-20 minutes will decide the fate of your dreams. We understand the value of this interview for you; hence, we bring you this guide to help you crack the Bank PO interview.

Most candidates think that, after the mains, the battle is over!
But did you know, only about 30% of the students clear the final interview round and become bank POs? To crack the interview, you must take every additional step you can, to ensure you succeed. We assume you must have already started preparing for the interview by going through basic interview questions, reading the newspaper to stay updated on current affairs, learning interview etiquettes, etc.

Here, we will give you additional insights that can help you stand out in the interview.

Let’s start, with the CV.

1. Prepare an Effective Resume!

Bank PO interview

A good resume won’t get you a job – but a bad resume, can cause you to lose one! Your resume should summarize all your relevant details in one page.

Here are some of the best practices you should follow to make an effective resume.

Basic formatting and typo checks:

Please ensure that the CV is properly formatted and uses a dual column layout. Keep the personal details in the left-hand column and all the other information in the right column. Also, make sure that there are NO spelling errors! 

Short and Sweet:

Recruiters spend only about 10-30 seconds reading your resume. Hence, it is crucial for you to highlight only the strong points in your resume. Don’t add too many things that may be irrelevant to the role or the interview.

For example, your coding projects are not very relevant to the banking job. So avoid including them in a prominent position. Keep the resume “Short & Sweet”

Put key points up front:

If your academics are good, you should put them first. If your work experience is relevant to the role, or you have noteable achievements that make you a good fit for the job, ensure to make them prominent!

These points that catch the interviewer’s eye are what you’ll be questioned on most probably thereby allowing you to drive the interview in favor of your strengths.

Avoid poor content:

Candidates tend to include information like “listening to music”, “watching movies” in the hobbies section and “participated in college fashion show” in the extra curricular section. This kind of information adds no value to your CV hence giving a poor impression.

When crafting your resume, make sure to include hobbies and extra curriculars only if they add value to the role directly or indirectly. Its best to leave out generic hobbies.

You can find a few good resume samples and designs here.

2. Get a Banking Certification:

Bank PO certifications

While giving a Bank PO interview, what better  way to showcase your interest in the field than by having a great certification in banking on your CV. This is an excellent, effective way to get yourself a huge advantage over your peers, especially for IBPS PO interviews.

A certification will show your initiative and also provide you with the fundamental knowledge of banking that will boost your confidence and help you ace the interview. Also, did you know that, candidates with certifications relevant to the role are preferred over others in these interviews?

Here are some of the best certification programs in banking you can go for, before appearing for your Bank PO interview-

NSE Commercial banking Program: 

This certification gives you insights about various aspects of commercial banking in India and the rules and regulations that are needed to be followed in the commercial banking sector of India. This certification is offered by NSE. However, it doesn’t come with any kind of training except an eBook. 

For more details, you can refer to their site: NSE Commercial Banking module

FLIP Branch Relationship Manager Program: 

This online, industry recognized certification program covers branch banking products and services, in detail. Also, the modules from this course are used by State Bank of India for online pre-joining induction of their POs! Such a certification will give you a strong CV advantage in clearing PO Interviews. The program provides you with online training that will also give you a great knowledge boost.

For more details, you can refer to their site: FLIP Branch Relationship Manager Certification

 3. Learn a Core Banking Software:

Bank PO interview

A Core banking Software (CBS) is a centralized software that banks use to run everyday operations and manage transactions. As a bank officer, you will be working extensively with such a software. Showing that you have the knowledge of any core banking software, will help you stand out in your Bank PO interview, BIG TIME.

Here are some popular softwares that you can learn to boost your candidature:


This CBS, offered by Oracle, is used in India, by Canara Bank, YES Bank and a few others. Unfortunately, as it is not used by many banks, there is no course to learn how to use the software.

The only training available for this is for software professionals who would be interested in working on this package. You can access the training here.

Finacle by Infosys:

This is the most popular CBS in India and is used by nearly 70% of the banks, including SBI which will give you a clear advantage especially in SBI PO interveiws.

There are some institutes that offer classroom training on Finacle, but that means you have to spend time going to the centre and paying a hefty fee. The best option here, is the FLIP Smart Banker Program with Finacle. This online course covers both branch banking operations and hands-on training with simulations, on Finacle. As an authorised education partner for Finacle, you get a FLIP and Finacle cobranded certification issued by FLIP.

For more details, you can refer here.

4. Prepare for common questions to give Smart answers!

No one is born perfect; it is absolutely fine if you cannot answer a few things. If you don’t know something just accept it politely. Steer clear from faking an answer as it is not appreciated. 

Also, you must be prepared with good answers for common questions like the ones given below:

Personal questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself!”

This is such a commonly asked question and 99% of the candidates are not able to answer it well. 

This question gives you a fantastic opportunity to lead the interview in your favor by highlighting your strengths. However, most students give a repetitive answer comprising basic facts on the CV, which they already have. Consider the two answers below:

A – “My name is Javed Akthar. I am from Baroda. I have one sister and one brother. I have completed my M.Com and  – uh – uh – want to join a bank.”

B – “I come from a family of professionals – both my parents are bankers. I have consistently been an all rounder in both academics and extra curriculars. I am outgoing by nature, and like interacting with people. As I am the middle brother, I have an adjustable nature. I’m now looking forward to start my career, in banking”.

See the difference? This is a chance to tell them, the highlights of your CV. Do it!

Debatable issues:

You might be asked questions related to debatable issues and the Interviewer might ask your opinion. While answering these questions, make sure to support your answers with a strong logic. Don’t be too aggressive though, your interviewer might hold the opposite opinion!

Questions related to general awareness:

Prepare thoroughly on all current issues – demonetisation effects, GST, Bhim app, payment banks, small finance banks are some key topics. Here is a blog which we thought might be helpful for you about different questions and how to answer them. Click here to read more.

So, remember: The fight is not over. Give the interviews, your BEST shot. You have come so far – make sure, you emerge a winner and make yourself proud!


Bank PO interview

We hope you found this helpful! We look forward to your comments.

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