Top 5 competitions for finance graduates

Competitions challenge your skills and expose you to an enhanced level of peer learning. Not only do they help you improve your skills, but also add tremendous value to your CV. Therefore, competitions are an invaluable opportunity for graduates to boost their career.

There are several competitions for finance graduates held in India throughout the year. Given below is a list of some of the most highly recognised competitions that every finance graduate must be aware of and take part in! (In alphabetical order)

1. Beat The Market

Beat the market Competition for finance graduates

What is the Beat the Market Competition?

The Beat the Market Competition is a flagship event is organised by the IRIS and Voyage Capital Club of IIM Indore. The competition comprises three rounds which collectively test the candidates’ ability to tackle real-life market scenarios.

The first round is an online quiz for general stock market awareness. The next round is the stock recommendation round. This round tests the candidate’s ability to conduct basic technical and fundamental analysis and make buy or sell recommendations. The final round is a 5-day trading simulation round carried out on a virtual platform. Those who come out profitable in this round are tagged as the winners.

Sector: Finance + Capital Markets

Team Size: 2 Members

Eligibility: All Graduate, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate students from all colleges

Prize/Award: Prizes worth up to Rs. 40,000 are divided among the winners

More details about the competition can be found on:

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2. FLIP Graduate National Challenge

FLIP Graduate National Challenge

What is the FLIP Graduate National Challenge?

The FLIP Graduate National Challenge (FGNC) is one of the biggest national level competitions for finance graduates, aspiring for a career in Equity Research or Investment Banking. The challenge is conducted in association with the National Stock Exchange or NSE. Participants are required to select a FLIP-NCFM Certification course and pass its written exam to earn certifications. These certifications are recommended by India’s top Banking and Finance sector recruiters which makes them invaluable for graduates. If you’re unsure about what the NCFM certifications are, take a look at this brief guide: NCFM Certifications – A complete guide

Apart from the certification, top scorers also stand to win cash prizes and a chance to get featured in the GFNC Wall of Fame that is linked to the NSE website. The FGNC is an unbeatable opportunity for graduates to kick-start their career in finance.

Sector: Banking + Finance

Team Size: Individual

Eligibility: All students pursuing their B.Com or BBA degree from universities across India.


FLIP Graduate National Challenge Prizes

More details about the competition can be found on:  

3. ICAI Commerce Wizard

ICAI Commerce Wizard for Finance Graduates

What is the ICAI Commerce Wizard Competition?

The Commerce Wizard is one of the most popular quiz competitions for finance graduates organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The competition constitutes a two-level diagnostic test that is conducted online. The level one test can be taken at home on the pre-decided date and time. The shortlisted students are then assigned a centre to appear for the level two exam.

The diagnostic tests assess the student’s understanding of the concepts of commerce and finance. The syllabus is different for all students and caters to the precise educational level they are at. All participants receive a digital participation certificate for both the level one and level two exams.

Sector: Business + Finance

Team Size: Individual

Eligibility: For students pursuing their BBA, B.Com, BMS, and other Allied Subjects. Students from class IX to XII are also eligible for the competition.


ICAI Commerce Wizard Prizes

More details about the exam can be found on:

4. Indian Case Challenge

Indian Case Challenge for Finance Graduates

What is the Indian Case Challenge?

The Indian Case Challenge or ICC is one of India’s largest case study competitions for finance graduates and students of other streams too. It is organised by the Business Club of IIT Kharagpur. The challenge is held during the annual fest of the college and is conducted in two stages. In the prelims stage, the competitors are asked to submit a case addressing a problem statement. The students shortlisted in the prelims stage are then called upon to present their final solution during the annual fest.

The winning teams are given a cash prize and a certificate. All the other participating teams, however, are not awarded a participation certificate. The Indian Case Challenge is a great platform for graduate students to compete with their MBA peers at a national level.

Sector: Business

Team Size: 3-5 Members

Eligibility: All undergraduate and postgraduate students are allowed to participate in the challenge.

Prize/Award: Cash prize of Rs. 50,000 is divided among the top three winners.

More details about the exam can be found on

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5. National Accounting Talent Search

National Accounting Talent Search for Finance Professionals

What is the National Accounting Talent Search Competition?

Organised by the Indian Accounting Association, the National Accounting Talent Search is one of the largest accounting competitions for finance graduates that was initiated in 2009. The competition comprises an online test conducted in over fifty centres all across India. The online test assesses the student’s knowledge of financial accounting and Indian Accounting Standards. The exam follows a multiple choice question pattern with each correct answer awarding four marks and each wrong one deducting one mark.

The talent search competition is organised as a junior and senior level quiz. The junior level caters to undergraduates and tests their basics while the senior level is designed for postgraduates and professionals with a slightly advanced syllabus. All the students who take the exam are given physical participation certificates.

Sector: Finance + Accounting

Team Size: Individual

Eligibility: For all students pursuing their BBA, B.Com, BMS, or any other undergraduate course.


National Accounting Talent Search Competition Prizes

More details about the exam can be found on:

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Top 5 competitions for Finance Graduates

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