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FLIP products cater to any individual who needs training in banking and finance to advance his/her career options. We offer only Training in specific topics. You can buy the e-learning courses. You will get an account, valid for a defined period (currently, 30 days). You do not get a certificate. 

Our industry recognised programs are for: 

Aspirants to the Banking & Financial Services (BFS) sector: Our Foundation level set of programs are for all new entrants to BFS. Fresh graduates & postgraduates, looking for a career in banks/FIs/ IT/ KPOs will benefit from these programs. 

Servicers to the BFS sector: IT & KPO employees working on BFS projects will find our programs very useful. We cover products,process and compliance,and we have some courses focused on US/UK markets. 

BFS Sector employees: We have role specific programs covering all areas of BFS,such as Branch Relationship Manager,Wealth Advisor,Mortgage Advisor,Consumer Lending,Treasury & Capital Markets,Derivatives,Risk Management etc.

Are we a university/do we offer a degree? Nope. What we offer is purely on the strength of an independent, high quality FLIP brand.

We have an extensive counseling support . If you have any queries, you can reach out to us in LIVE CHAT or call +91-9035.026.044. WE DON'T SPAM and WILL NOT share your contact details with any other third party except a possible recruiter, and that too after your permission.

You can access the e-learning courses for a defined period (30 days currently). This is shown during the purchase process.

Once you have cleared a certification examination, you will be a proud FLIP CERTIFIED candidate. Your certification will be valid for two years. 

Why the limited validity? 

This is to protect the quality of the certification. The BFS world is a fast changing one. Since we pride ourselves on our practical and real-life content, the certification must showcase relevant knowledge. 

To renew the certificate, you'll need to rewrite the exam. All re-validations of the certificate come at a steeply discounted price.


There are many ways you can partner with us: 

  1. As an Endorser, where you will prefer FLIP certified candidates during your hiring process. You can assure Interviews for FLIP certified candidates for certain roles. You can also guarantee jobs for FLIP certified candidates, through our Job ready model 
  2. For internal training, using our role-mapped finance and banking courses across the width and depth of the BFS domain, to precisely allocate courses to different levels and profiles. 
  3. As a Knowledge Partner: We are looking to build an industry-wide knowledge benchmark; and not just for India. Partner with us to share knowledge and create standards which will benefit the entire industry, showcase your vision and strengthen perception of your BFS expertise.

The courses are designed and reviewed by really senior bankers. For example, the Retail Banking Area outline was reviewed by the erstwhile head of Retail Banking for BNP Paribas India. 

The content is written by practitioners - MNC and Private Banks, all IIM/premier B-school alumni. Let's give you the profiles of two people:Our Transaction Banking content was written by an IIM Lucknow alumnus (2000 batch), who manages GTS Sales for BOA. Our Relationship Management course,part of Corporate Banking was written by an IIMA ('87) batch alumnus, who heads Working Capital risk for an MNC Bank for Europe and Africa. When you click on any course in our course library, you'll see the faculty (author) profiles.

Write to us at support@learnwithflip.com wth your name and number,and we will call you back.We have a comprehensive role-map which details the roles & experience levels relevant to each FLIP program.

As a corporate customer, as many as you need. We also have an Annual Subscription model, where you can access our entire/select digital library at a flat fee. We can also upload the courses on your Learning Management platform,if there is a minimum lock-in period.

As a corporate, we will work out customized packages for you. Write to us at support@learnwithflip.com or call us at 09243.666.002. We'll be happy to understand your requirements and provide the best solution.

Yes,you can. 1. FLIP programs are being used by leading private sector banks and NBFCs,as a mandatory part of induction for their fresh recruits. 2. You can also use them as a recruitment filter through our Assured Interview / Job ready model. Do mail us at support@learnwithflip.com or call us at +919243666002/03 for more details. 

It's possible. It will depend on the extent of customization and the size of the relationship. Write to us at support@learnwithflip.com or call 09243.666.002.

We're a Banking & Financial Services training product company; not an e-learning development company. So, sorry, no.

There are different models possible. We have worked on such scenarios. Do write to us at support@learnwithflip.com or call 09243.666.002.

  How to purchase a FLIP course?

You will first need to Register. You will be sent an activation link to the email ID you've specified. Once you have activated the registration, you can login and choose the product that you want, adding it to the Shopping Cart. You have multiple payment options - see below.

We re offering you multiple, convenient payment options, both via a secure online payment gateway. Once you have choosen the products you want, you can then pay online. 

This is if you want to pay via direct bank debit (Net Banking), credit card, UPI, Wallets or debit card. You will be taken to the secure authorization page; after authorization and payment, you will see the products you have purchased on your dashboard and can start accessing them immediately

The pricing is mentioned against each course. 

  Using FLIP training

We have chosen a validity period to enable ample time for you. Once this period expires, the product access is closed. 

Please note, we DO NOT offer any email query support for the 30 days training programs. 

When a doubt clearing session (DCS) is set up, you'll see the notification on your 'My Area' page, only if you have access to DCS credits. Click on the register button for the session you wish to register. 

  FLIP Certification

FLIP certification examinations are available everyday, in different cities. We now have 29 test centers in 27 cities, like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Guwahati - and will add more, basis demand.  Click here to see the full list of test centers. Write to us at support@learnwithflip.com if you're looking for a city not in this list. This will help us gauge demand and add high demand locations

The certification exams are conducted on four specific slots during the day, every day except national holidays and a weekly center holiday. You can book a slot which matches your convenience. Please be at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to time, to allow for your identity check and familiarization with the testing process.

Please note that you need to write the certification exam by 30th April 2020. 

When you are looking to purchase a certification, you are shown the available slots at different locations. If they suit you, you can go ahead and purchase. Online payments will enable an immediate booking. 

Please note that you need to write the certification exam by 30th April 2020. 

No; we pay our testing partner in advance. Any change in date attracts a recertification fee. Please note that you need to buy the certification program by 16th Feb, 2020 and write the certification exam by 30th April, 2020.

Yes; you will see the percentage you have scored, after submitting the test, at the venue itself. Allow about two working weeks for us to send you the printed certificate by courier.

The duration of the exam will be 120 minutes. The questions are in multiple choice format; most will be application based, not knowledge based. That is, we will usually not ask you for definitions etc. But the certification exam is a rigorous one with negative marking. Please be sure you are well prepared, before attempting the exam.

Yes; all users, whether you have bought training or training+certification, you can go through a diagnostic test. We recommend you go through this test only when you have prepared, don't just write it for the heck of it. This diagnostic test is part of the e-learning offering and you can take it on your desktop/mobile. Test feedback will help you understand which chapter you need to brush up on, before attempting the Certification Exam.

The pass percentage is 60% (after negative marking) across all FLIP certifications,except for the Branch Sales Officer Program(BSOP),and the Smart Banker Program(SBP),where the pass percentage is 55%.

If you do not clear the examination, you'll just need to purchase and write it again. You can repeat a certification exam ONLY once more in a year.

Please note that you need to buy the certification program by 16th Feb, 2020 and write the certification exam by 30th April, 2020.

  System Requirements


You have purchased the account for your own use. We will be tracking simultaneous use of the ID and blocking it. This will also have legal consequences as it will constitute abuse of the conditions on purchase. Apart from the formal conditions, listen: we have worked really hard, and spent enormous amounts of time and money to develop these training products for you. We've priced it reasonably; we ensure ongoing updation of content. We're sure you'll respect this, and support us by saying a firm NO if a friend asks to share your account.

We want technology to be an enabler, not a show-stopper! We've recognized bandwidth issues in India, and worked to ensure you have reasonable access even on a dial-up/low bandwidth connection. It won't be ideal - but it will work pretty well. The only place you may have an issue on a dial-up is during the webinar, as that has the faculty speaking, as audio is heavy.

# Internet connection 512 Kbps or higher;Broadband preferred 

# Ms Excel 2003 or higher 

# Flash 10.0 or higher (Download) 

# Any web browser (If you are using Internet Explorer please use version 11.0 or above) 

# Use IE 9.0 or above to book certification date