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Our vision statement

To become the standard for finance education for the individual throughout his/her life; via dissemination of honest, lucid, simple and interesting knowledge on all aspects of finance.
We believe that ethical business is wise business; and if we care for you, you'll stay with us.
There are three key processes we follow, to make our principles real:

Excellent quality:

Our content comes in from senior professionals with years of Banking & Finance Knowledge. (Take a look at the faculty for each course!) We follow about 100 quality metrics, to ensure that each screen is error-free, attractive, interesting and up-to-date.

Customer Care:

Our customer interaction cell is in-house; and carefully chosen for their patience and interest in counseling. Every employee at FLIP - starting from the CEO - spends time answering calls and talking to you.

So the next time you call, you could be speaking to the CEO. But it doesn't matter who you talk to. We’ll listen. We'll act.

And we'll get back to you.

Courtesy for all:

Whether it is an employee, a vendor or a customer, we never want to be big enough for arrogance.