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Certification Details

The final certification exam is conducted online in proctored test centers. The questions are in multiple choice format(MCQs), and most of them are application based, not knowledge based. That is, we will usually not ask you for definitions etc. Exam is rigorous, with negative marking. Please be sure you are well prepared. The duration of the exam is 120 minutes.

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The test can be taken any day of the week, except on public holidays and weekly offs.
There are 3 time slots each day. You can book a slot in a center of your choice, based on availability.
Booking of exam need to be completed at least 2 days in advance as our booking engine works on a T+2 basis.

For example, if you are booking an exam for a date on 7th Aug, then you have to complete the booking process by 5th Aug.

In case you are booking it on 6th Aug, you will not be able to select the date of exam as 7th Aug.

Click here to see the list of FLIP test centers.

NSE Exam Centers: For FLIP-NCFM programs, visit the NSE website to see the list of NSE test centers.

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The BFS world is a fast changing one. Since FLIP certifications test practical and real-life content - you need to refresh your knowledge regularly. Hence,all FLIP Certifications carry a validity of 2 years. All re-validations come at a steeply discounted price,so don’t worry.

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The pass percentage is 60% (after negative marking) across most FLIP certifications. Scores above 75%, carry a 'Badge of Excellence' certificate.
Exception: The FLIP Smart Banker Program(SBP) and the FLIP Branch Sales Officer Program(BSOP) have a 55% pass percentage.
FLIP provides a certificate only on clearing the FLIP certification. If you do not clear, you'll just need to purchase the certification and write it again. You can repeat a certification exam ONLY once in a span of 1 year.

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