Who are our faculty?

Our faculty are all premier B-school professionals with work experience across MNC & private banks and Financial Institutions.

Some indicative profiles:

Work with us:

You'll need to be a banking/finance professional, with:

Whether you're employed elsewhere or are on your own, you can work with us in different ways, depending on your time commitments. All these roles are not as employees; they are external consultant roles, which function from whichever town or country you're in. They are flexi and part-time options.

Option 1: Work with us to author content. You can choose to take up an entire Area (e.g. Mortgages) or a smaller sub-topic (e.g. Commercial Mortgages).Each Area involves 200-300 pages, so it’s a large effort, but we pay well; and you’ll have the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and helping upgrade the skills of thousands of young professionals. As mentioned, you can author smaller bite-sized bits as well.

Option 2: Work with us as faculty for our online Webinars. We offer regular Webinars for doubt-clearing (not teaching) to users of FLIP products. It’s very convenient for you – let’s say you have a couple of hours free on the weekend – you login, create a Webinar for that slot. We’ll have sent you all the queries for that topic. When it’s due to start, you login and discuss and clear all the queries with the participants. This is on an ongoing basis – you’ll need to commit at least 6 hours/month (1.5 hours/week).

Option 3: If you have 5+ years' experience in a particular area, we would be happy for you to review our courses. Most people opt for this option, so not many slots here!

Note that you can choose any or all options. Write to us :