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FLIP’s powerful, industry endorsed online banking certifications will equip individuals with the knowledge required to get a job in the banking industry. Enrol now and get real life skills in specific areas of banking and finance like Branch Banking with Finacle, Consumer Lending, Capital Markets, etc.,
These online banking certification courses will ensure you have the practical knowledge to crack banking interviews as well as finance interviews.

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Professional banking and finance courses after graduation

Branch Sales Officer Program

Boost your career with this interesting E-learning course, covering products & sales techniques. Impress the interviewer and get job ready!

  132 Learners

Consumer Lending

Learn about loans with this comprehensive online course, used by India’s leading finance companies.

  849 Learners

Excel and PowerPoint for Professionals

Impress all with Microsoft Excel’s powerful techniques and deliver top-notch Powerpoint presentations, with FLIP’s interactive online program.

  630 Learners

Finance and Banking Fundamentals

Get a solid foundation with this hugely popular online course on key finance concepts, financial markets and the banking business.

  7658 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Banking Fundamentals International

India’s only online course on US, UK banking, leading to a FLIP NCFM certification. Excellent for IT & KPO professionals.

  3287 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Capital Markets Fundamentals International

India’s only online course on US, UK Financial Markets, leading to a FLIP NCFM certification. Excellent for IT & KPO professionals.

  3292 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Investment Banking Operations International

This is a first of its kind e-learning program, targeted for those looking for a career in the aspirational area of Investment Banking.

  11 Learners

MBA Interview Prep - Finance and Economics Fundamentals

Helps you showcase both your initiative and finance focus, in MBA entrance interviews; stand out from the crowd.

  141 Learners

Smart Banker Program with Finacle

India’s only online certification program, with Finacle by Infosys; excellent for banking professionals. Proven to help in interviews & make you job ready.

  1316 Learners

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