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FLIP’s US focused, Industry recognized, powerful online certification courses will equip IT & KPO Professionals with strong domain competency, in Banking and Financial Services , to get a critical career advantage.
Enrol now and get certified in specialized areas like Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Risk Management with a focus on US and UK markets. Most of the certifications are in collaboration with the National Stock Exchange of India (FLIP-NCFM Certififcatons). In today’s tough IT market, showcasing domain competency is a critical requirement.

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Professional finance courses for IT/Engineering/KPO Professionals

Credit Risk and Operational Risk

Enhance your CV with this industry recognised, powerful online risk management certification - covering the latest risk models.

  242 Learners

Excel and PowerPoint for Professionals

Impress all with Microsoft Excel’s powerful techniques and deliver top-notch Powerpoint presentations, with FLIP’s interactive online program.

  630 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Banking Fundamentals International

India’s only online course on US, UK banking, leading to a FLIP NCFM certification. Excellent for IT & KPO professionals.

  3287 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Capital Markets Fundamentals International

India’s only online course on US, UK Financial Markets, leading to a FLIP NCFM certification. Excellent for IT & KPO professionals.

  3292 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Investment Banking Operations International

This is a first of its kind e-learning program, targeted for those looking for a career in the aspirational area of Investment Banking.

  11 Learners

FLIP - NCFM : Market Risk

This course covers how a risk manager measures & monitors market risk; and the RBI guidelines. Leads to a FLIP NCFM certification.

  556 Learners

Risk Management

India’s only industry recognised certification in Risk Management; covering Market, Credit and Operational Risk.

  957 Learners

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