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FLIP’s industry-endorsed Wealth Management Certification Courses will equip MBAs, CAs and working professionals with the practical knowledge and insights to crack a Wealth Management Interview and build a career.
Enrol now and get certified in specialized areas like Fund Management, Wealth Advisor, Financial Markets AML Compliance etc. Why look at an expensive CFA or CPA? Choose one of these excellent, cost effective online Wealth Management Courses to start off your career in Wealth Management / Financial Planning.

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Popular Wealth Management Certification Courses

Financial Markets AML Compliance

The program is designed based on AML (Anti Money Laundering) standards provided by the regulatory bodies.

  1350 Learners

Fund Management

This online course covers the required training, for the mandatory NISM Certification on Mutual Funds.

  346 Learners

Wealth Advisor

A practical, industry recognised certification for Wealth Managers and IFAs; covers live exercises on Financial planning, Asset allocation & Retirement planning.

  3313 Learners

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